Graduation Reflection

On the 16th of December 2013 all the year 6’s and there relatives came to school in the S.P.C to celebrate our graduation. Firstly we handed out all the certificates then we listened to grace christafedies to read out her valedictorian speech to everyone. After that we had a surprised dance for all the parents in the audience. When we got to the partner dancing most of parents including mine were laughing because they didn’t expect that we were going to do that because high school students would do that. But other then that it was a great night and we got really good pens and a graduation certificate. Also at 10 to 6 we went to a place call legends in moonee valley and it was great because there was crackers candy canes and chocolate and the food was great to and i had fish and chips.

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100WC Week 15#

One there was a kingdom that had a room that only the king was aloud in because he was doing something special for his wife. He was painting a picture of her on a mirror because she was so ugly that when she looked in the mirror it would break so her husband drew a better painting of her on it. Then when the king died from a heart attack his wife saw his notes that said why he was in there. Then she thought to herself and decided to get plastic surgery because she was so ugly.

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BTN-Fast Cars

There are usually 5 people on one team of the A1 racing and the A1 racing it little models of a F1 racing car and the A1 cars can around 80 mph. Also there is one person that comes up with different models. Another person comes up with the portfolio.

Three understandings I now have are that there are many sports that you don’t really see everyday. My second understanding is that if you work as a team you can achieve a lot. My last understanding is that you can be good at lots of things that other people aren’t.

One question I still have is how did they start doing A1 racing.

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Term 4 Project:Paul Leland Kirk

Paul Leland Kirk was born on may the 9 1902 and died on June 5 1970. One of the investigations he was involved in the crime where Sam Sheppard possibly killed his wife in his bedroom. He also received his bachelor degree  at Ohio State University. Then got his masters degree at the University of Pittsburgh. In 1929 Paul L Kirk became a professor of biochemistry at UC Berkeley. Paul L Kirk said that he first became interested in forensic science in the days when he tort at school and then one of his students asked if he could see if the students dog actually died of poisoning. Also he was best known for the crime that I talked about before which involved Sam Sheppard and that he possibly killed his wife. Not only did he publish around 250 articles but he was the author of the following books: Quantitative Ultramicroanalysis, Density and Refrective Index, Crime Investigation, Fire Investigation and The crime laboratory.


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The 5 Big Questions:Once

BIG QUESTION #1: What makes this book good?

I think this is a good book because of the way it is laid out for example through out the story because there is usually a problem the a solution and then a problem and it goes on like that through the story.

BIG QUESTION #2: What would make this book better?

This book would be better if it had more people in it for example if it had more kids it would be more dramatic and harder for other other people including Felix because they would have to take care of them and read them more stories and many things like that.

BIG QUESTION #3: Whats the most important thing the author wants you to know?

Never give up because there is always a chance if you try and people are helping you through the ongoing travel.

BIG QUESTION #4: Why did the writer write this?

“This story is my imagination trying to grasp the unimaginable. This means that he wrote a story that would be really hard to imagine because its so horrific.

BIG QUESTION #5: What does the audience need to know?

The audience needs to firstly know what the message is because that is what he is trying to put across. Then they need to know how it was when the war was on and how it was if you were a jewish kid or adult.

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Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 5

Predict: I predict this will be about weight and money.

Read: Which deal costs less per gram.

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

Strategy: Guess check and improve.

Answer: I worked this out by looking at the $3 and doubling it so its $6 for 500g so its the same as A). Then I new that it must be A) because its cheaper.

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P.T Column Graph

Column graphs are very easy to make. Also very easy to understand because you can just look at at one and for example fin out how many countries have had droughts or something like that.

You will need the following to be able to make a column graph.

One pencil:

One piece of A4 paper or any other size:

1 ruler:

Method: First draw a horizontal line then on the left end of the horizontal line draw a vertical line of equal length like this.———->                                                                                                                                                                                                      Then label the y axis (left line) with the amout of thing your putting for example how many students were in a classroom. Then label the x axis (bottom line) with for example some pets like a dog, cat and bird. Then draw the rectangles like the picture in below.


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Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 4

Predict: I predict that this will be about problem solving and numbers.

Read: Fill in the magic square.

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

Strategy: Guess check and improve.

I worked this out by first adding the middle numbers together and then just guessing what number to put in the other row or column and then improved it.

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GTAC Reflection

On the 31st of october my class and I went to a place called GTAC. We went there because our topic for this term is forensic science. Also they have a building at a high school and its also next to a university, hospital and a place that studies DNA and stuff like that. The building has 2 rooms that do lots of things with DNA research and things like that.

We mostly did things to do with microscopes and looking at things like leaves and feathers. But it has more things on it then you think for example, they had bacteria, living organisms and chromosomes.  Also we learnt to use things like compound and the stereo microscope. We also learnt about its features for example,  the stage and the eyepiece. Also that the eyepiece is always zoomed in 10x so then the other lens that is 10x would make it 100x.

We worked with terrific people. The person that my group worked with was Carlo. He was a student at university and he studied biotechnology. He was very helpful with everything we did like how to use a microscope and he would help us if we had a problem.

Three facts I learnt was that a compound microscope can zoom in to up to 1000x. The second fact I learnt was that a compound microscope is used for looking at things so you can  see them in greater detail. That there can be little moving things call microorganisms.

Two understandings I now have are that it is very easy to use a  microscope once you get used to it. Also that water can   have little details in it and its not just clear liquid.

One question I have is are you able to see 1 000 000 x with a microscope?

This is GTAC’s website:

Here are some photos:

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100WC Week#7

Slowly the sky got darker and everything got black. Blue lights shot down from the big black sky and people got shot up into it. I was at a milk bar so I ran strait home. My house was huge,I went to sleep. the next day the whole of hollywood was on fire and there was a huge monster with 5 heads. More blue light shot up and pulled people thought and then when the light it cut one of the heads. More and more light shot up and then he was dead.Then I went up and the place was bug.

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